catch up and a review.

Goodness, I only meant to take a little blog break but it ended up being an extended summer holiday. 
The weather got so hot here over the month of July, no knitting was done, none at all. I had forgotten how hot and humid it can get in Texas after all it had been 6 years since we had moved away. I needed something to fill in the gap. Afterall I am the type of person who just can't sit, I always have to do something with my hands. So what have I been doing.... Sewing. 
A bit more on that in a future post though. 
Its late August now, and I have started knitting again. I pulled out old wips to finish, frogged a lot of wips that I just know will never get done. Sorted out my yarn from summery colors to more fall, autumn inspired colors. 
I feel the change already. Only early in the morning, when I take the dogs for their morning walk. 630 am is my usual time and there is just a hint of crisp coolness that hangs in the air for a bit until the humidity kicks in. As little as it is, it still has me excited for the cooler weather coming this way. My only wish though is that I could find a really great farmers market for those fall fruits and veggies I love so much. Sadly, Dallas really lacks in this area. 

Back to knitting, so yes I finally got around to organizing the stash. I am in finishing mode, I want to get some of these sock wips off the needles, to make room for more sock wips. Its a vicious cycle, I know, but I love it! 
Talking of needles, this leads me to some needles I want to tell you about. Awhile back I was sent a really nice needle set to review and I have been using them over and over again. I loved the needles so much so, that I bought some more interchangeables in my favorite sizes and even bought the dpn set in the same brand.  Thats how much I really like these needles.

I even sewed myself a needle case for them. Of course the needle came in a little case, a little plastic case that worked just fine but these quickly became my favorite needles, I felt that they needed something a little extra special. More on that in a bit. 
The needles are the KnitPro Nova Platina.
I am so pleased with them. Up until I started using them, I had been pretty happy with the circulars I was using. I can tell you that I have some in my needles stash that I completely regret buying and never get used. Every knitter is different. Just as every knitter knits differently every knitter will prefer a different needle. 

I like the way these feel in my hand, very smooth, no bump at the join (so important). For the first time, my hands don't hurt when I knit for long periods of time (like a movie length) especially when I knit lace and the kit came with several cord lengths that I find very convenient but I actually happened to have some cord joiners from a different KnitPro brand and the they worked fine. Thats the only thing I felt was missing from the kit was the cord connectors. So for in the future when I finally have the time to knit a PI shawl like I dream about, it will be perfect. The cords are great, not annoying like some cords can be, no tangles and not too stiff. I feel that the point on these needles is just right, I have had no problem with knitting lace. All in all, I couldn't be more pleased. I think a good sign is when you reach for these needles first before any of your others whenever you are ready to cast on something new!
A little note about the case I sewed. I found this tutorial and made some adjustments and the lovely fabric is from Spoonflower.

Thank you to Stitchcraft Marketing for sending me the needles.
The above opinion is completely my own. 


farmhouse shawl with a little of this & that

Its off the needles and wrapped around my shoulders at the moment. 
Its my farmhouse shawl and its finished! YAY! Worsted weight yarn is great to knit with 
because it grows fast. I worked on this shawl with all the little free moments I had since
the pattern is the kind of pattern really easy to remember so it was great for picking up here and there. This is a very vanilla type of project to work on, doesn't require concentration which is perfect for watching tv, in my case the "the sixties and "the seventies" on netflix, soooo good!
I used The Petite Wool  and the lovely color is Lavender. I couldn't be happier with the color. Its exactly my kind of purple and since lavender is my favorite, its perfect. The wool was soft and it blocked amazingly, really bloomed and kept its shape. There's nothing I dislike more than a when a project shrinks up after blocking... I used every inch of my 5 balls, not a bit to spare after the fringe was added. I am so pleased with this shawl! I long for the cool fall nights when I can wrap this around myself while I knit!

While my Farmhouse Shawl blocked I took the time to do some reorganizing of my stash. Fell down the rabbit hole that is Ravelry while I thought about what I wanted to knit next. 
I decided it was time to try knitting with some lace. I have knit lace yarn in the past but held double. 
I'm not that far into the project yet where I might feel like I bit off more than I can chew, we'll see. There's still time. I casted on for the Elizabeth Shawl with some Elsawool
Not sure how my hands feel about knitting with lace weight. I feel a little tense and I'm still trying to decide at what point should I or if I will use life lines.We'll see because so far so good. This is definitely the opposite of my farmhouse shawl, tiny stitches and charts require more attention. 
Hopefully I will get a chance to make more progress this week. 
Sock knitting is on hold at the moment. I have so many sock projects on the go at the moment I think I overdosed, if that is such a thing. 

I wanted to share with you all lovely things that have crossed my path in the last couple weeks.
I got some rustic woolly yarn in the mail from a new to me etsy shop called Shakey Ground Farm
Its 100% Icelandic Lambswool Lite Lopi and its wonderful and rustic. I got 2 skeins, no plans as of yet what I will use them for but in the mean time they will be gently loved and petted!

Two patterns have really caught my eye this past week,
Little Women by NCL knits
Margaretha by Herrlene
(who has a lovely instagram btw)

I have been listening to the NNK podcast for quite some time, I really love Alana and her creativity but did you know she has an online shop now. I love this sheep, super cute! I'm so glad that I had a chance to stop buy her little shop before we moved from CA, also I am kicking myself for not purchasing her latest kit which was all about wildflowers. Its not secret around here how much I love wildflowers!

Speaking of flowers, I'm over the moon excited for the first issue of Making. I enjoy Carries blog and all of her patterns. If you haven't subscribed for the first issue, I'm telling you all do it now! My favorite blogger ever has a beautiful cross stitch pattern in the first issue which I can't wait to do!

I have not kept up with many video podcasts lately, audio is so much easier for me to keep up with because I can listen while I do housework or work out but I hardly have time to watch except for Nicole's, I will always make time for her podcast whenever they come out. Go and watch if you haven't. It makes me so happy, I love all that she does and its so cool to see and hear her talk about knitting since I've been following her blog for what seems like forever. 
Lastly, just want to share a couple of embroidery pieces that I sent out into the world this past week.

Well thats all for now Hope you all have a wonderful week!